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Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club has been social distancing and self quarantining for the past three months, in the best interest of its Members, Staff and Visitors.  We are now ready to relaunch with a bunch of new training programs to meet the needs of the community.  Again, our target audience continues to be women who want to become responsible gun owners.

An estimated one in five women now own guns, since 2017.  Many of them have joined gun clubs and are well on their way in their firearm training journey.  Yet our research indicates many of women want guns but don't know which gun to buy.  A segment own guns yet are 'afraid' of them.  One girl told me she didn't go to the range often 'because guys thought she was there to pick up men.'

GGGGC has approximately 40 Members who joined just prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Members range from housewives to Professors to City Managers.  These women are excited and many of them are a quick study:  we plan to include them in a competition later in the year.  Before, GGGGC had interested parties start with an Open House to register but we are moving to Zoom Online Registration soon!  


Meet GGGGC Staff

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

My name is Mary E. Edwards-Fears, CEO & Owner of Girls Getta Grip Gun Club.  As a Retired Police Commander of a premier Police Dept., I encountered many women through the years who wanted to learn more about personal safety.  During my police career, I did safety programs for Girls Scout groups, Church groups and I even facilitated  range visits on my off days.

My husband Mike and I spent the past two years conducting research, fostering staff and range relationships to provide an environment where women could relax and be educated on the fundamentals of firearms training.  Studies shows they are preyed on at alarming rates in robberies, domestic abuse and other crimes.  Women crave to be more confident with their weapons.  

Prior to Coronavirus Pandemic, GGGGC held Open Houses where Members got the opportunity to meet our wonderful Staff (Volunteer) Members who are committed to providing quality training:  Charles Ellis, Denise Thomas, Rich Long, Elizabeth Haller, Jerry Zieger, Mike and I.  We all have law enforcement/range backgrounds and we are honored that women have placed their trust in GGGGC.  It is well placed.


"Aim To Empower"

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

"Aim To Empower"

Basic Membership is $50 annually, which entitles Members to various discounts on training and merchandise.  It also entitles them access to quality firearm training programs ranging from our Introduction to the Fundamentals of Firearms & Firearm Safety Training (IFFFS) Course to Specialize Weapons Class which trains on a particular firearm (.38, .380, 9mm, etc.)

Members get $25 off the IFFFS Course and get to enjoy many free training programs i.e. Dry Firing, Personally Owned Pistols (POP), and SIRT Pistol Training.   They are relieved of the anxiety in driving themselves to the range as GGGGC provides a 2019 G350 Ford Shuttle Van for transportation for Members to the various ranges.  We have partnered with Gateway Range, Sharpshooter Range and Metro Range.  We provide free transportation to these ranges!

GGGGC Members get a Membership Card that lasts for one year and they receive first consideration in Conceal and Carry License registration.  If they wear a GGGGC t-shirt to our CCW License Class, they receive $10 off.  

T-Shirts can be purchased by contacting us at (314) 279-1657,  (314) 973-8879; or thru or make an appointment to drop by-45 St. Anthony Lane, Florissant, Mo.  63031.



Concealed Carry Certification

Concealed Carry Certification

Concealed Carry Certification

Women, if you live in a town that allows Conceal and Carry Licenses, you are strongly encouraged to get one.  It proves to the authorities that you are a serious and responsible gun owner.  If you ever are involved a violent encounter wherein you are forced to defend yourself, a CCW License, and any prior and subsequent training will increase your chances for a positive outcome with the authorities.  

Your 2nd Amendment Right entitles you to protect yourself under circumstances where you believe you will be seriously harmed and your life is in danger.  At GGGGC, we educate you on what that could look and feel like.  GGGGC will also offer personal safety workshops to discuss situational awareness and what that means.  

We will start Zoom Online Registration by mid-June.  We strongly recommend interested parties attend a session and get registered for the IFFFS Course asap.  This class is 4 hours long and it gives you the foundation to firearms training needed.  By attending this course, it will prepare you for any CCW License Course region-wide.  One of our unique features is that we offer a structured and safe learning environment  



Women Self Defense Workshops

Concealed Carry Certification

Concealed Carry Certification

New Members will also get a custom made GGGGC Mask.  This is part of their self defense against Coronavirus.  But we offer much more than that:  there will numerous workshops for them to attend that will enhance their personal safety.  Our Instructors are trained professionals dedicated and well versed in training women to defend themselves.   Remember that the best defense is a good offense.

Situation awareness is key.  Small things like idle walking instead of walking with a purpose, purse left in cart versus on shoulder in front of your body, and being on the cell phone having a heated conversation with your honey are all bad habits that we will help you break.  We will replace bad habits with good ones.

Refuse To Be A Victim Workshop will be offered to those women who want to learn best strategies to keep themselves safe.  The is an NRA sponsored program and notebooks and plenty of writing pads will be made available.  Participants will receive a certificate upon completion.  There will be no firearms training or handling in this class but there will be some instruction on firearm safety and storage.


Women's Physical Fitness

Concealed Carry Certification

Women's Physical Fitness

Let's address the stress!!!  In the future, GGGGC plans to offer workouts for targeting women's fitness and workout program goals i.e. Cardio, calisthenics, and free weights will be offered.  Our instructors are a diverse group of individuals who are all American Council on Exercise (ACE) fitness training professionals.  In the meantime, use your energy to increase physical and mental stability.  

One of GGGGC's Instructor is Mike Jr., who is currently a Senior at University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Congrats to Mike Jr, who passed his ACE Certification test!  He plans to create short training sessions that target some cardio and other fitness training needs.  These sessions will be placed on Zoom for Members to use at their leisure.  

In the meantime, we want to reiterate 45 St. Anthony Lane is GGGGC's Educational Development Center-IT IS NOT A RANGE!  NO FIREARMS ARE STORED ON THE PREMISES! GGGGC is simply a Club where Members get more educated on their 2nd Amendment which is their Constitutional Right.  We help them figure how to do it legally and most importantly, how to do it safely.   "We have made your safety our business."

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GGGGC anticipates resuming training by mid-June, using proper guidelines.  Basic Membership Packets are being mailed out and pre-registrations are available.  Will start meeting by appointment by mid June.  Registration by Zoom will be made available soon.  New Members will receive a free custom GGGGC Mask.  Contact us at (314) 279-1657, at (314) 973-8879 or email us at   

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Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

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Everyone stay safe and let's listen to our healthcare professionals on best practices to staying saf

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