Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun ClubGirls Getta Grip Gun ClubGirls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip teaches proper firearms safety techniques.


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Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club


As a retired Police Captain of a premier police department, I know the impact of a serious crisis and I know enough to know we are in one.  GGGGC cares way too much about the public to provide an atmosphere that may contaminate the groups mentioned above.  We are asking you to do the same; be careful around, yet love on, our elderly.  Be cautious around others who may have respiratory and other medical issues.  Lastly, continue to do the simplest and safest thing:  wash your hands!!!

Another important thing:  thank your First Responders i.e. Police Officers, Firefighters, Grocery Store Employees, Doctors and Nurses for keeping us safe.  They are on the front lines and have taken great risks to keep us safe on a daily basis, often at the expense of their own families.  We are forever in their debt as they bravely accomplish the perilous task of public safety.  I am calling my local police department(s) to see what GGGGC can do to honor these men and women.

Potential Members continue to call us attempting to join GGGGC, which we appreciate.  Memberships are still being accepted but again, in the interest of social distancing, we are not making physical contact with anyone.  Call backs are being made to assure callers that they are a priority once we resume training, which we hope is very soon.  In the meantime, GGGGC is taking advantage of this awful opportunity to prepare outstanding training programs that will test the mettle of those we serve.  

Before the official pandemic warning, we hosted a Range Visit at Gateway Range on March 8th.  We were very pleased to hear the testimony of a GGGGC Member who had passed a CCW License Course elsewhere the day before.  She signed up for their class before learning about GGGGC.  She said she felt fully prepared and even volunteered to shoot first, waving away the assistance of an Instructor because of the confidence she got from attending GGGGC's Intro to the Fundamentals of Firearms & Firearms Safety Course.  Failure is not an option with us.

So, be patient and follow the precautions laid out by public officials.  Remain confident that GGGGC is working on some (more) unique training experiences for you!  Stay safe!!!


Meet our Partners

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

GGGGC Members, we will resume training as soon as social distancing restrictions are listed.  Your Range Partners (Gateway and Sharpshooter) miss you yet continue to show their support by referring interested parties to your club.  There is no greater compliment than a referral made on our behalf to others!

All others:  Basic Membership Fee is $50 annually.  It provides a structured learning environment where members get access to Certified Ranges and Certified Range Instructors.  GGGGC's Members have already earned the respect of local Range Managers who admire their discipline in educating themselves on the most tremendous responsibility around:  gun ownership.  GGGGC Members learn when to shoot and more importantly, they learn when not to shoot, which is equally important.  

Come meet our Staff; Mike, Denise, Chuck, Jerry and Rich. They are too excited to provide instruction on the fundamentals of firearms safety.  Students will be educated on firearms fundamentals; stance, sight alignment, trigger control, and firearms nomenclature.  They will learn to disassemble a firearm, clean it, reassemble it and more.  Member's comment:  "Your Staff is so knowledgeable and they obviously love what they do because it shows!"

MEMBERS:  During this lock down, GGGGC ask that you not allow your skills to diminish:  practice dry firing by using the technique that was sent to you earlier this month.  If you need me to resend, please advise us.  Also, you will receive a tip sheet that you should study to improve your x-ring shot(s) grouping.  Our goal is to prepare you for  upcoming competitions for those who want to participate.  All others, we simply want you smarter about the significance of personal safety, which is most important.

Members will also receive 'homework'.  GGGGC believes competition is good and keeps you sharp:  first '3' response with the most correct answers will receive a prize.  You can email your responses, drop them by GGGGC Office located 45 St. Anthony Lane, Florissant, Mo.  63031 or mail your responses.  Deadline is next Wednesday, March 25th, 2020.  I want to thank Members for taking the initiative to educate themselves on firearms safety and for putting themselves and their personal safety first.  

We certainly hope to see you soon!  Meanwhile, be sure to thank your local hospital and military personnel for their dedication!


"Aim To Empower"

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club

"Aim To Empower"

GGGGC's motto is "Aim To Empower."  Based on current members' surveys and from previous GGGGC's focus group members' surveys, women want to be empowered through firearms safety training.  Firearms safety training does much to empower women by building their confidence in weapons handling and with their increased education of gun laws.  We also believe 'girls getting a grip' on life issues can be obtained by attending GGGGC's various workshops i.e. Refuse to Be A Victim, Fitness Training, Self Defense, Finances, Social Justice, etc. 

GGGGC anticipates engaging in discussions about current events i.e. Stand Your Ground Laws, Castle Doctrine, & Voter Registration. I have enlisted the assistance of some of STL's top minds in the law and educational fields to address those "hot topics" that often are filled with misconceptions and falsehoods.  Time to get more 'woke' and more informed.  GGGGC is proud to provide the forum for these types of exchanges. The goal is to learn gun safety along with personal safety, and we will.  But we will create a culture of 'fun' too!  Stay tuned; more exciting information to follow within the very near future!

We will schedule workshops that will  occasionally include students' family members. This will allow them exposure to GGGGC's thrilling educational experience(s) as well.   For 2020, we plan to offer additional  programs to include "Children as Self-Defense Surrogates"; what should a child do if her/his parent is incapacitated and unable to defend against perpetrators?  Does the child know what to say to a 911 Operator?  Do you want your child taught to use a firearm?  What about other defensive tactics?

More GGGGC's powerful t-shirts have arrived:  They are $20, two for $35 and three for $45.  Basic Membership Packet is $50 (annual fee).  Special Rate for new Members who sign up for the Basic Membership Packet AND our Introduction to the Fundamentals of Firearms and Firearms Safety Course;  Receive $25 discount (IFFFS) until classes resume.  This promotion is for those of you who wish to sign up now.  We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone lacking the discipline to study firearms safety in a conscientious manner.

Wear a GGGGC t-shirt to our Carry and Conceal Weapon License Class and receive $10 off.  Prerequisite:  Must attend IFFFS Course first.  Contact us: (314) 279-1657,  (314) 973-8879;



Concealed Carry Certification

Concealed Carry Certification

Concealed Carry Certification

Our instructors are retired, former and current Police Officers.  All who teach this course are certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructors and/or current Range Instructors.  GGGGC is proud to announce that it will be offering training for members seeking Carry and Conceal Weapons (CCW) Licenses as soon after we get new members enrolled in their Introduction to Firearms and Firearms Safety Course.  Members are encouraged to initially start with our (free) Open Houses.

After attending our Open House session, students are mandated to attend Intro to the Fundamentals of Firearms and Firearms Safety Course.  Afterwards, the student will be fully prepared to excel in the Carry and Conceal Weapons License Course, which is an (8) eight hour class.  Training will occur at 45 St. Anthony Lane and at a local range.     

Intro to the Fundamentals of Firearms and Firearms Safety Course will instruct on topics such as stance, grip, sight alignment, proper size gun, etc.  All of this knowledge helps you gain confidence that will prove very useful.  Classroom instruction will also introduce legal aspects of firearm(s) ownership.  We live in a very litigious society, one where what you don't know can get you in serious trouble.  Legal professionals will be given a forum to provide legal advice.  

We will teach you about Missouri Laws, the 2nd Amendment and permit you to engage in a qualification shooting exercise that you need to pass in order to qualify and receive your license.  Our (GGGGC) research conducted during the past two years, indicate women obtain their CCW Licenses but neglect to train before or after taking CCW License Class.  GGGGC plans to help them train and train often!     


Women Self Defense Workshops

Concealed Carry Certification

Concealed Carry Certification

We offer certified instructors who will teach women to be more aware of their surroundings and how to fend off violent attackers.  Research reveals women are far too often the target in robbery, domestic assault and burglary incidents.  There has also been an uptick in women as homicide victims, as well as women being accosted by possible Sex Traffickers as they go about their travels.  Women are cautioned to be very careful as they go about their business.   

Girls Getta Grip Gun Club Defensive Tactics Instructors are well grounded individuals who will instill confidence in our members to feel better about protecting themselves and their families.  These Instructors are seasoned veterans who have a vast array of knowledge about self-defense and how to ward off attackers.     

Time is of the essence, which is why GGGGC is partnering with Sharpshooter Range to host NRA's "Refuse To Be A Victim" Workshop.  In this workshop you will learn more about situational awareness, benign items that can be used in defense of your safety and be educated on the different strategies to ward off being attacked while going about your daily life.  You are encouraged to bring family, friends and coworkers to this workshop.

***RFTBA Workshop has been rescheduled.

More information about rescheduling will be forthcoming soon.  We intend to conduct this workshop in as soon as the social distancing restriction is lifted.  We ask for your patience as we work on delivering a program that is both impactful and meaningful.  We insist our Members have unique training experiences when they train with GGGGC. 


Women's Physical Fitness

Concealed Carry Certification

Women's Physical Fitness

Let's address the stress!!!  GGGGC will provide specific workouts for targeting women's fitness and workout program goals.  Cardio, calisthenics, and free weights will be offered.  Our instructors are a diverse group of individuals who are all ACE (American Council on Exercise) fitness training professionals.  In the meantime, take walks, do some spring cleaning, reconnect with your family and friends.  Take advantage of this down time.

The instructors have worked hard designing appropriate and effective training programs for clients of all age groups.  One of GGGGC's Fitness Trainers is Mike Jr., who is currently a Senior at University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Congrats to Mike Jr, who recently passed his ACE Certification test!  He's ready to assist with fitness goals!

Mike Jr. is also GGGGC's photographer and has created his own side hustle called "Fears Focus."  We here at GGGGC believe in helping our youth become early entrepreneurs.  GGGGC members will have the opportunity to see themselves in action, along their firearms training journey and can purchase photo packets to memorize their experience!  Waivers will be presented to students, requesting their permission to use their photos in advertisement for GGGGC.

In the meantime, we want to reiterate 45 St. Anthony Lane is GGGGC's Educational Development Center-not a range.  NO FIREARMS ARE STORED ON THE PREMISES! GGGGC Club who believes in the 2nd Amendment Right of all USA citizens.  We help them figure how to do it legally and most importantly, safely.  Stay safe!!!

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Remaining civil conscious, GGGGC will resume training as soon as the  social distancing restriction is lifted.  Basic Memberships available by phone or text requests; applications will be mailed out to you.   This Club was designed with you in mind.  Contact us at (314) 279-1657 or at (314) 973-8879 or email us at so we can assess your safety training needs.  We look forward to working with you very soon!  MEF

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Everyone stay safe and let's listen to our government officials on best practices to staying safe.

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